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Meditation To Success

Taking the time for contemplation and meditation is a powerful habit for realignment. The habit of being in homeostasis or so immersed in habits that we stop being conscious of the here and now is instrumental in underachieving in our lives.

Take fifteen minutes a day and simply think about your actions of the previous day, about the responses and paths you took, the things that you will now do as next steps, and perhaps the things of which you did not think of and did not take action. These are the spaces of time where we have the opportunity to be “present” and gain clarity. This clarity of which I speak can only be gained either by spontaneous inspiration or through a silence that would lead us to stop and truly go within. You would be surprised at the things that you are capable of discovering in those moments of authentic silence. Another benefit of this quiet time is stress relief as you take a moment, breathe deeply and relax.

Some of the most important people throughout history have exercised this very discipline and made it a part of their success habits routine. They did this not to relax, or even sleep and restore body strength and gain rest, but to promote their creativity and clarity of thinking. Among these famed figures are John F. Kennedy, who had a routine that required a blinds drawn, complete silence withdrawal of the daily grind; Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II, coined the term PowerNap and routinely took a nap during lunch and dinner to gain clarity and effective thinking. Other historical figures include Leonardo Da Vinci, Lyndon Johnson and Albert Einstein, all from which intellectual demand were made by their occupation and who responded with brilliant deliverables facilitated by interim withdrawals from the day to ensure their best and brightest performance and which in turn changed the course of history.

How about changing the course of history yourself?

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Paul De La Garza

Paul D

Paul de la Garza is a seasoned professional mentor/coach and public speaker. He is the Principal at High Performance Solutions, a Colorado based company that promotes personal, executive and team coaching with an emphasis on leadership, sales, and high-performance training.

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