A Day Of Thanksgiving, A Day Of Gratitude

A Day Of Thanksgiving, A Day Of Gratitude

A powerful part of our day is the recognition of the things for which we are grateful. The very affirmation of recognizing those things that have made our day better, and perhaps the opportunities to make better the day for another, gives us confirmation that we are leading our lives in harmony. This process also gives us a perspective that becomes an insulation to fear and even anger.

Let me give you an example; when an expectation is not fulfilled, may it be a sales call that does not go well, or a potential client that through no fault of our own chooses to not buy your product or services, or an expectation not accomplished or fulfilled we may fall into a state of frustration, fear or perhaps desperation. The source of most unhappiness is unfulfilled expectations, whether those expectations are correctly placed or not.

Gratitude gives us context. It reminds us of the things and people that surround us and that complement our lives to make it “better and complete.” It is an affirmation and recognition of those things that give us joy, of those things that nourish and make our lives rich. In bringing us to this daily realization, we are able to put into proper context and proportion the disappointments of our lives and translate them into what they really are, guides and teachers as difficult as they may be. And it helps us place these disappointments in their proper place, secondary to the things that matter in our lives.

The day of Thanksgiving is a monument celebration to this very concept. As we recognize all the things that make our lives rich, the blessings of our families and friends, our talents and in some cases those who have challenged us but have made us better in the process, we become better people, better professionals and better citizens in general.

Please accept my thanks for the time that you are taking to read this Weekly Primer. It is my hope that some of the ideas for which I am a messenger may touch you and compel you to think of your own strength, abilities, and greatness, that gives me joy.

Happy Thanksgiving

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