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This specified leadership coaching program is designed for experienced leaders both at the executive and mid-management level wanting to improve leadership skills. 

HPBS Leadership Coaching is designed for managers and executives interested in bringing a fresh approach to their teams, new management hires who want to start their career with a strong platform for successful leadership, team development strategies and aspiring leaders interested in furthering their understanding of the essentials of leadership.

mid-management leadership coaching

This robust coaching program provides the foundations of leadership and focuses the areas that are critical for the success of a mid level leader. The Middle manager spends energy and time achieving organizational objectives set by senior leaders. The primary focus of the middle manager is executing tactics to achieve the organization’s goals. This program focuses on key areas as Planning and Executing, Effective Time Management, Recruiting, the essentials of effective coaching and how to build a team development strategy and high-performance team.

executive leadership coaching

The executive leadership coaching program is designed for senior and executive level managers coaching program is that leadership is about a process rather than a person and about values rather than power. The HPBS Executive Leadership program has a flexible curriculum which focuses on promoting and coaching towards the key areas of executive leadership. These include Communication, Performance Management, Coaching and Counseling, Human Relations, Team Development Strategy, Planning, Decision Making, and Execution/Implementation. 

our purpose

Our goal is to help you achieve higher heights in your performance, increase your income, and give your clients a higher level of value and service without having to invest more time in your work week.

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