executive leadership coaching

The primary focus of the middle manager is executing tactics to achieve the organization’s goals. 

This management training course focuses on key areas as Planning and Executing, Effective Time Management, Recruiting,

the essentials of effective coaching and counseling and how to build and maintain a high-performance team and reach your leadership potential.

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HPBS Executive Leadership and CEO Training Program has a flexible curriculum which focuses on promoting and coaching towards the key areas of executive leadership. These include Communication, Performance Management, Coaching and Counseling, Human Relations, Planning, Decision Making, Corporate Strategy and Execution/Implementation.

The HPBS Executive Coaching program focuses on the development of the Key skills for an effective CEO or company executive to build and sustain a high performing team. Through HPBS Executive Coaching, Executives and CEO's will learn to Establish Mission and Vision, Establish a Purpose, and Effectively Execute in order to increase business.

establish mission & vision

To have established a vision and direction for the organization. Specifically, to be innovative and to have a sense of constantly anticipating the direction and future of the organization. As a result, to set strategies that adapt to change with a constant focus on the core purpose and objectives of the organization.

establish a purpose

To have a clear and established sense of purpose where process will always be subordinate to purpose. As a result, to have an innate optimism which serves to remind the team of a “can do” approach and in the process, build the fabric that will result in a high-performance culture.

effective implementation

To have the ability to execute and implement corporate strategy effectively. The fundamentals for effective execution include; knowing your business and the team, setting clear core purpose, ensuring implementation by having the right team and following through, validate, recognize and reward achievers and building a strong culture by expanding the autonomy and power of the team.

validate employees

To have a high emotional quotient that will lead to a high understanding of the most important asset of an organization, its people. To engage in a proportional response that will validate the employee by recognizing the personal aspects and influences of their lives and how within a framework of practicality, the executive will promote the observance of such situations while promoting the interests of the organization. To monitor your feelings and those of others to guide your thinking and behavior.

create a culture

To maintain a culture that promotes clear, transparent and constant communications and messaging that constantly promotes the core purpose of the organization while seeking input and validation of the strategic direction from the team. Communication also requires the executive to become the very essence of the culture that is sought by the organization.

hpbs executive LEADERSHIP

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/mo (minimum of 6 months)

  • Highly individualized weekly sessions with Principal and Coach, Paul de la Garza.
  • “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.
  • “The Go-Giver Leader” by Bob Burg
hpbs executive leadership bi-weekly coaching

Contact Us Today to Enroll



/mo(minimum of 6 months)

  • Highly individualized bi-weekly sessions with Principal and Coach, Paul de la Garza.
  • “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.
  • “The Go-Giver Leader” by Bob Burg.

management training
course objectives

Create a corporate strategy, vision and mindset of leadership by diving into topics relevant to leadership and power and managing leadership.

Build a high performance leadership team by establishing a clear mission and values for your team, promoting communication and a culture of collaboration.

Identify and practice situational leadership by applying select leaderships based on the demands or opportunities of the situation.

engage in powerful and thought provoking content that will sharpen your skills and have a unique impact on your ability to grow as a leader and view the world from new perspectives.

our purpose

Our goal is to help you achieve higher heights in your performance, increase your income, and give your clients a higher level of value and service without having to invest more time in your work week.

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