high performance sales coaching

Increase your income per hour, grow your selling skills and generate results.

Learn an approach to respond to the current market as decisively as the market changes and redefine your expectations of your sales efforts to see opportunity where none was apparent previously.

HPBS Sales Coaching & Training courses are part of a specified coaching program for those professionals focused on taking the steps to become an expert salesperson while developing a specific skill set and engaging in coaching and role-plays to place themselves in the authentic position of professional selling excellence. You will learn techniques to increase your client base, overcome call reluctance, provide value to your clients, actively listen, and overall increase your sales skills so that you can create a vision for yourself as a sales professional.

sharpen your skills

Effectively compete for every client in your prospect pipeline. Leave no stone unturned in the growth of your selling skills.

results oriented mindset

Develop a results oriented mindset, skill set and action to significantly increase the efficiency and volume of your sales efforts.

empower your sales plan

Define the direction of your efforts and focus on the vital few tactics that will ensure your success.

connect with your client

Ultimately become a trusted adviser by providing value based solutions.

our purpose

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