Group Coaching for the Mortgage Professional

Become a high producing, high performing mortgage branch! With mortgage group coaching you can begin to inspire your team to higher production! When team cohesiveness and unity is accomplished production levels can reach peak performance, while leaving more time for you and the members of your team to do the things they love.


Mortgage group coaching is a comprehensive coaching program. Designed to materially increase the productivity of the loan officer. It is individualized, information packed, and included premier coaching material!

Mortgage Group Coaching Program

HPBS Mortgage Group Coaching Program is designed to address the demands and opportunities that the dedicated mortgage loan officer face in today’s market. The mission of the Mortgage Group Coaching Program is to help you:


Set a mindset, skill set and action for success, create your own vision that motivates you each day, learn the anatomy of your self-talk and build your confidence in your sales skills


Reduce call reluctance by confronting and overcoming your fear, learn the principles of "Stop Selling, Start Attracting", focus on “delivery of excellence” in your sales calls, enhance your communications skills with potential clients, and create effective implementable sales plans designed to generate results.


Learn how to effectively manage your time in order to increase your income per hour, develop your business by the farming process, establish and maintain a productive flow with referral partners and customers, and execute and take action on a daily basis to accomplish your goals.


Gain a higher customer satisfaction, generate more referrals, and increase the efficiency of your sale systems.

HPBS Mortgage Group Coaching Program is proven to provide predictable and concrete results. Sales professionals know that “when you work the system, the system works for you," and there are intention and purpose behind every action.

Mortgage Group Coaching Objectives

  • Materially increase productivity at the individual loan officer level
  • Increase overall efficiencies in the areas of marketing, sales, and loan administration

HPBS Mortgage Group Coaching

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  • Mortgage group coaching work book
  • HPBS Online
  • Digital Mortgage Success Guide Business Planning Tool
  • "The Go-giver" and "The Four Agreements"
  • HPBS Coaching Journal to maintain coaching records and journals of sessions.
  • Price: $347/month per person (minimum of 6 participants and 6 months)

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