HPBS Online Sales Training

This content filled course includes learning how to increase your income per hour, how to stop selling and start attracting, how to overcome call reluctance, how to understand the market in order to maximize your results, and other topics to prepare you to accelerate your sales success.

HPBS Online Sales Training Program

Program Objectives

  • Increase income per hour
  • Stop Selling, start attracting
  • Overcome call reluctance with your referral partners
  • Conduct a sales call from a benefit statement to closing the sale
  • Focus on “delivery of excellence” in your sales calls and generate greater results
  • Visualize your sales success
  • Sales call role-plays
  • Understand and approach your market wisely to maximize results
  • Create effective sales planning through SMART goal setting
  • Generate a Sales call plan
  • Effective Time Management

The Program

Fits Your Schedule

New technology allows us to present to you education as a journey not as an event. You have the opportunity to establish a self-paced learning process. The format of this course is designed to be very flexible based on five modules over the span of five months. The program will enable you to learn skills of sales in the comfort and privacy of your office or home.

Material you can implement immediately

The High Performance Business Solutions Sales Training Program will provide you with strategic tools and sales knowledge to accelerate your sales success. This sales program has been designed for any professional who is seeking to find new sales approaches, learn how to effectively sell, and those who want to have essential sales skills and want to apply these immediately on the job. The program will enable you to develop your sales skills and gain valuable knowledge that will contribute to you increasing your sales.

Collaborative Learning Environment

You will engage in a self-paced learning process that will allow you to exchange, collaborate, and interact with other students to discuss ideas while gaining ongoing feedback from coaches and peers. Exchange ideas and collaborate with other students and projects. Enjoy a roundtable discussion where you will be able to interact with other students and discuss ideas while gaining ongoing feedback from coaches and peers. Students will participate as teams sharing problems that will come from their own personal experiences and challenges faced in their own sales efforts.

Learn from Experienced Leaders

You will have the opportunity to interact with seasoned leaders, coaches, and high performers that will share valuable knowledge and anecdotes which will compliment this sales training program to a substance filled educational experience. The coaches leading this sales program are passionately engaged. We are excited about the depth and structure of this program that without a doubt contribute to increasing income and your sales success.


  • A robust program including 35 hours of online training videos covering 5 modules
  • 2 One-Hour One-on-One Coaching sessions
  • HPBS Sales Workbook to increase income
  • “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg
  • “The Go-Giver Sells More” by Bob Burg
  • Price: $797 for the whole program

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