Become a High Producing, High Performing Mortgage Branch!

Inspire your team to higher production!

Increase your Income while having more time to do the things you love!

When team cohesiveness and unity is accomplished production level can reach peak performance, while leaving more time for you and the members of your team to do the things they love.  

Developing the essential skill need to be a high producing loan officer can be life altering and begin you on your journey to become a high producing branch. 

What does a high performing team look like?  Your team will develop a market process based on value. Increase the amount of influence and production from your branch. Each individual will feel a stronger sense of purpose and work satisfaction while performing at a higher level. 

Increase efficiencies in the areas of marketing, sales, and loan administration!

High Performance Business Solutions Presents:

Group Coaching for the Mortgage Professional

​Engage in a comprehensive mortgage loan officer group coaching program! 

Designed to materially increase the productivity of the loan officer. Increasing income while spending less time. Increase the scalability of your branch!

  • 1
    IndividualizedEach group coaching program will be individualized to meet your teams goals and strengths. Including 1 on 1 sessions with each participant to get individualized goals. 
  • 2
    Information packed: Each session will be information packed and provide your team with the tools to develop the skills necessary to become a high producer.  
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    Premier Coaching Material: Each participant will get a copy of "The Go-Giver" and "The Four Agreements", a coaching journal to keep their notes in, a mortgage professional work book, and access to our client portal where they can access blogs, webinars and podcast.

Here is what people are saying:

“he has helped me achieve things I did not think were possible”

“I have had the privilege of being coached and mentored by Mr. Paul de la Garza for several years now. When I first started with Paul my personal production was about a 100 units a year and I was working very long, hard hours to get to that point. Paul has been able to help me instill good habits and better practices for loan management and most importantly time management. Paul has been able to facilitate vital changes in me. I would highly recommend his coaching and services to anyone who is wanting to better themselves and improve their production. Projected units for this year will be over 200. Thanks in no small part to Paul’s guidance, he has helped me achieve things that I did not think were possible and doubled my production. I am very appreciative to have had the pleasure to call Paul ‘My Coach’”

Joshua d.
- Branch Manager

Benefits of Group coaching

"Group Coaching is a small-group process throughout which there is the application of coaching principles for the purposes of personal or professional development, the achievement of goals, or greater self-awareness, along thematic or non-thematic lines." -Jennifer Britton, MES, CPT, CPCC

Loan Officer

  • Collective Wisdom
  • Multiple perspectives
  • Less didactic 
  • May have more chance to reflect
  • Less 'on the spot'
  • Enables people to connect 

Mortgage Branch

  • Time
  • Money
  • Scalability
  • Effecting change more readily
  • Cross functional fertilization
  • Culture change
  • Enhanced retention of learning

Are you Ready to make a change?

Are you ready to transform your branch into a high performing, high producing team of individuals. Sign up your team of 6 or more today! 

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Paul de la garza

Creator and Coach of: Mortgage Group Coaching Program

About the Author

Paul de la Garza is a seasoned professional mentor/coach and public speaker. He is the Principal at High Performance Solutions, a Colorado based company that promotes personal, executive and team coaching with an emphasis on leadership, sales and high performance training. His interactive and personal approach to speaking and training reaches his audience creating a memorable experience. Paul is fluent in Spanish both written and oral and his presentations and seminars can reach both English and Spanish speaking audiences.

Prior to becoming a professional speaker and coach, Paul held several senior management positions in corporate America, including American Airlines, Wells Fargo and Bank of America totaling 25 years of leadership experience. During this period, Paul led, mentored and coached a several groups featuring personal development, leadership and sales training.

 Included in your program:

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    Individual Disc Assessments for every participant 
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    Pre-program 1 on 1 sessions 
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    ​Mortgage Professional Participant Workbook
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    ​​HPBS Portal access including Coaching on the Go Access
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    ​Digital Mortgage Success Guide Business Planning Tool 
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    Books- "The Go Giver" and "The Four Agreements.
  • angle-right
    HPBS Coaching Journal to maintain coaching records and journals of sessions 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

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