Personal Accountability

Personal Accountability


The concept of personal accountability is one of the most important factors towards being relevant in our lives both professionally and personally. In today’s world, there is too much deflecting of the personal involvement and influence that we have upon our personal lives. Some people will go out of their way to convince themselves that the solution to their challenges lies upon the whims and decisions of the outside world and not within ourselves.

It is these same people that will shrink the accountability required to promote their own success. In other words, they require that circumstances or people change for them to be happy, to be empowered or to realize their success. Phrases like “the market is tough, that’s the reason that I cannot make sales,” “if my boss would treat me better, I would be able to do a better job,” or “I am not understood,” are the mantra of many of us.

I believe that at one point or another, we have shared in this “victim” mindset. As a good friend shared with me, “it’s ok for you to experience being a victim, it’s not ok for you to stay a victim.”

Take a moment and consider this, within the concept of accountability, lies owning our personal involvement in the circumstances we face, and the choices we make.  What also lies in this accountability is that we are also recognizing that within us lies the power of addressing and solving whatever challenges us. It is a matter of mindset. It is a matter of taking the first step in recognizing that we are the captains of our life. This in of itself is liberating.

Writing your life’s book. If you knew that you are the author of a book, that being your entire lifespan, and that each page is a day, and that some of your closest members of your family and friends will be reading each page, what would you write?  What would you want these people who are dear to you and whose opinion you respect to read in those pages, and what would you want them to think? Perhaps this mindset can take you closer to the embracing of accountability.

Victimhood does not serve us. It is the equivalent of giving away our power to the four winds and declaring ourselves a mere spectator of our lives when in reality we are captains of our ship.

Accountability is empowering, it is the substance of our relevance and of our very being, it recognizes the GOD given abilities, we have been granted to craft our very lives.

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