Paul de la Garza

Leadership Development Coach & Teacher

Paul de la Garza is a seasoned professional mentor/coach and public motivational speaker. He is the Principal at High Performance Business Solutions, a Colorado based company that promotes personal, executive and team coaching with an emphasis on educational leadership development, sales and high performance training. His interactive and personal approach to speaking and training reaches his audience creating a memorable experience. Paul is fluent in Spanish both written and oral and his presentations and seminars can reach both English and Spanish speaking audiences. Prior to becoming a professional motivational speaker and coach, Paul held several senior management positions in corporate America, including American Airlines, Wells Fargo and Bank of America totaling 25 years of leadership experience. During this period, Paul led, mentored and coached a several groups featuring personal motivation, educational leadership development, and sales training.

Speaking Topics

How to Achieve Higher Heights in your Selling Performance

Are you a sales professional focused on taking the steps to become an expert salesperson while developing a specific skill set? Learn techniques to increase your client base, overcome call reluctance, provide value to your clients, actively listen, and overall increase your sales skills so that you can create a vision for yourself as a sales professional.

Learn the Key Skills to Developing a High-Performance Team

Build and sustain a high-performance culture of maximum productivity while developing a culture which will attract the best talent in your field. Establish a clear mission and clear values for your team, learn how you can promote open communication, and create a culture of collaboration. Learn practical applicable processes and skills that can be implemented immediately.

Become an Excellent Communicator and Bring Your Team to New Heights

Engage in content that will allow you to understand how you can effectively communicate within your organization in order to increase production and promote a culture of collaboration and open communication.

Leader or Manager… Which one are You?

Engage in powerful thought provoking content that will sharpen your skills and have a unique impact on your ability to grow as a leader and view the world from new perspectives. Identify and practice situational development by applying select leaderships based on the demands or opportunities of the situation.

Are you gaining compliance or commitment from your team? Managers gain compliance, leaders gain commitment.

Managing your Time to Increase Your Production

Time management is a topic that, if implemented correctly, can have a significant effect on your work and personal life. Learn how to prioritize for more efficient outcomes, stay organized, effectively delegate tasks, and implement plans efficiently.

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