John H.

“I have had the pleasure and opportunity to know Paul and see his management style first hand. Paul is the consummate professional with the ability to break down a very large task into achievable components. He is also able to build solid teams and build consensus within those teams. I highly recommend Paul!”


Christine C.

“In the eight years I have known Paul I have seen him bring passion and commitment to his endeavors, both personal and professional.”


Keith C.

“Years back I had the pleasure of getting to know Paul when he worked for American Airlines In Dallas. In those days I worked with sales representatives from several different airlines in cities across the country, and I can say without reservation (I know, a pun) that Paul was, without a doubt, one of the very best. He was the consummate professional and his clients also had a great deal of esteem for him.”

Kitty B.

“There are few people in this world with the depth of knowledge or the ability to impart it to others as Paul has. Every time we discuss subjects as they relate to sales consulting, I am blown away with his ability to understand a situation, dissect it, and explain a solution in achievable and understandable steps. It is no wonder that everyone who consults with Paul grows their business and expands their life from this association. I don’t know that this recommendation even does justice to what an unbelievable sales coach and mentor that is Paul de la Garza.”

Chris S.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Paul on several projects. I have found Paul to be not only courteous an professional, but he is a very talented mentor, listener and leader. Paul knows people better than they know themselves, and brings practical and meaningful solutions to the challenges they face.”


Doug P.

“Paul, I was thinking about you today and wanted to write you this small note stemming from several years of knowing you as a colleague, mentor and friend. I’ve always admired your ability to see over the horizon, and help many others to do the same. I think I have walked away with some valuable insight, discovery or advisement from every one of our interactions. Thanks for all you do, and keep up your great work!”


Mike T.

“I am a family physician in solo practice, and while I believe I possess certain gifts in the doctor realm, some of the business issues I’ve brushed up against have greatly challenged me. I have worked with Paul De La Garza for the last year, and I am a true fan. Paul delivers tremendous value in his coaching, and he has helped me and my office staff develop a better working environment and increase productivity. He is able to synthesize elegant and practicable suggestions out of complex and seemingly insurmountable problems. He is an exquisite listener and always professional. Paul challenges me and my staff frequently and teaches us skills we can use in the office, with patients, with each other and in our lives globally.”

Curt B.

“I’ve worked with Paul on several occasions involving Rotary Club projects and also to discuss our respective businesses. His insights into my position and how I fit within my company we incredible, and I am certain that Paul brings value to every person and every company with whom he works.”

Stephen V.

“In the short time Paul has served as a business coach for me, I have used his communication strategies and advice with great results. He quickly identified areas where I can more successfully manage our firm and improve the morale and productivity of our office. If you need a business coach who can provide sound business advice at a reasonable cost, hire Paul De La Garza.”

Rebekah B.

“Working with Paul through my career coaching was by far the greatest attribute to my career! Paul always had detailed knowledge and wisdom to share with me. His character is one of unmatched value. I have never worked with anyone who has shown the honesty and integrity that Paul exhibited. He is one of a kind! Paul’s encouragement and motivation has enabled me to go after my dream career without any hesitation. My confidence would not be what it is without the coaching and support that he has given me. The gift of working and getting to know Paul was priceless. I can’t think of enough kind words to use for such a great person! I am truly grateful for the short time spent in coaching! What an amazing experience! Thank you!”

Joshua D.

“I have had the privilege of being coached and mentored by Mr. Paul de la Garza for several years now. When I first started with Paul my personal production was about a 100 units a year and I was working very long, hard hours to get to that point. I am slow to change, however Paul has been able to break through to me after several years and helped instill good habits and better practices for loan management and most importantly time management. Paul has been able to facilitate vital changes in me. I would highly recommend his coaching and services to anyone who is wanting to better themselves and improve their production. Projected units for this year will be over 200. Thanks in no small part to Paul’s guidance, he has literally helped me achieve things that I did not think were possible and doubled my production. I am very appreciative to have had the pleasure to call Paul ‘My Coach’”

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