The Power of Belief

The Power of Belief


In the book, Toltec Secrets to Happiness, Ray Dodd, whose book is based on the bestseller The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, cites that limiting beliefs results in Drama and Sadness and positive beliefs support a life filled with happiness and possibility.

Dodd also states that to eliminate self-judgment, unhappiness, conflict and regret, you must discover the beliefs you “own” that may be rooted in baseless fear.

Fear is a destructive force that we give life to. More often than not, the fear we experience has no foundation, it is of our own creation, and it takes us away from our true potential. We need to look at our beliefs, challenge ourselves as to how these beliefs serve us or if they are defeating us.

Let me be clear, “belief is power,” it is the power to create; either defeat or achievement, the question becomes what is it that you are believing? That will be your reality.

If you are prepared to take the steps to connect with your highest potential and launch a new approach to your daily living, here are steps to follow;

  1. What you focus on expands – what you believe in, you give power to, this applies to anything you are constantly thinking about, your fears or your dreams, thus, focus on your dreams and what you imagine your life is to be, what you are prepared to give power to.
  2. Clarity of mind – Anais Nin, poet, and philosopher stated: “we don’t see things are they are, we see things as we are”.  The realization that we have the accountability to create our own lives and thus the power to do so is the foundation of taking the first step towards gaining the clarity of your power.
  3. Dream Big – Daring to see yourself achieving and not just getting by.  We will never exceed the level of our own expectations. As you realign your belief system, aim high.  I remember the story of a client that we called “truck payment Annie.” In her selling career, all she wanted to do is to make enough money to make her truck payment; and of course that all she achieved. See yourself or visualize the life that emotionally excites you. Then make the decision to work towards that goal.
  4. Pray as if everything depends on GOD, and work as if everything depends on you – Once you have identified your dreams and you have decided to believe in them, become diligent on your daily work, guided on your belief and image of your future as the beacon and blueprint that will guide you through the journey of your achievement.

Belief in yourself and imagination of your highest and best dreams promotes the energy that will crystalize and facilitate the achievement of your dreams.  It is the power behind leading a successful life. If you are naturally positive, then the way you approach and handle situations will attract positive results.

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