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How to Lead in a Time of Crisis​

The need for effective Leadership during Crisis has never been more important. Leaders are dealing with unprecedented conditions such as leading teams virtually, promoting and ensuring productivity among many other factors. Recent events such as the Covid-19 virus and economic changes have caused us to experience a challenging cultural shift within businesses. This can be seen as a crucial point of opportunity – it all hinges on how leadership responds to these challenging times.

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About the Speaker

Paul de la Garza

Paul de la Garza​

Paul de la Garza is a seasoned professional mentor/coach and public speaker. He is the Principal at High Performance Solutions, a Colorado based company that promotes personal, executive and team coaching with an emphasis on leadership, sales and high performance training.

Prior to becoming a professional speaker and coach, Paul held several senior management positions in corporate America, including American Airlines, Wells Fargo and Bank of America totaling 25 years of leadership experience.  During this period, Paul led, mentored and coached a several groups featuring personal development, leadership and sales training.

His interactive and personal approach to speaking and training reaches his audience creating a memorable experience. 

Client Success

Paul has helped us grow the vision of what we are capable of in our industry. He succinctly breaks down the challenges we face from an operational and interpersonal team dynamic perspective and provides a clear path to growth and achievable results...
Dan G.
Paul is reshaping how we think about business. It impacts internal efficiencies, job satisfaction as well as our outward image to others. We are going farther, faster under his capable guidance. If you're on the wall about leadership coaching, it is time to jump with Paul.
Charlie P.
Head of Business Development

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Leadership in Crisis


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