The Importance Of Embracing Fluidity


Fluidity can become the device through which we enhance our lives and perhaps promote a sense of happiness based on focusing on the journey and not attaching ourselves to a situation, circumstance or desired outcome. Let me explain…

It is said that unhappiness is the product of unmet expectations. The placement of expectations stiff in nature, no matter the changes in circumstance or our surroundings. Perhaps this is a product of our attachment sense with which we approach our lives, our attachment to the familiar, comfort, and perceived safety.

I know of a person that has an impending change in his life that will be significant, it will open doors to a new career and life, one that no doubt will provide a lucrative and promising future. The unknown is intimidating to this individual despite the opportunity that awaits him, “I am going to lose my friends, I don’t know this new city, I feel that I am starting all over again.”

While I don’t think he will pass on this wonderful opportunity, the change of surroundings and relationships challenge him to the point of considering not pursuing this opportunity. The present moment has been tainted by this fear.

I offer you another example on the professional side. I work with many sales professionals in the finance industry. This industry is often impacted by the economy and by interest rate, environments, and conditions of the market. I find that when the economic condition change or the interest rates rise, many of these fine people go into a state of idle, claiming that the market will “correct” itself and that there is not much that can be done until then.
In contrast, there are sales professionals in the same industry that “adapt” or “adjust” themselves to the new surroundings. They have consistent performance in their career, but more importantly, the quality of their journey of life is elevated to an art form. One that will deliver riches in their experience as a result of adjusting, changing and discovering the extraordinary abilities and potential to negotiate life.

Consider this, the journey is the destination, adjusting will lead to discovery and discovery will lead to self-awareness and fulfillment of a rich life.

Jordin frey


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