The Power of Gratitude

Become more aware of the small and big things that you are grateful for

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By Paul de la Garza


Gratitude is incredibly powerful because even through very difficult moments, we can remember the things we are grateful for and give situations context.

In this segment, Paul de la Garza gives some tools to maintain a sense of gratitude each day and shares one of his most cherished stories regarding the power of recognizing the things in which we are grateful for


This Week’s Action Steps

Follow the action steps below each day this week to practice gratitude and become more aware of the small and big things that you are grateful for.


✔Find a special place to write down your gratitude’s. Set aside 10 quiet minutes every day this week and write down your gratitude’s in a journal, sticky note, or a special file in your computer. 


✔ Go out of your way to smile and appreciate those around you. Remember to say thank you and find ways to connect with people on a daily basis.

✔ Recognize how other’s are contributing to the way that you are leading a wonderful life. This can be anyone from the barista pouring you coffee to the the repairman. Recognize your gratefulness for each person you encounter on a daily basis.

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