Self-Talk: Part I of the Mindset Series

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Self-Talk: Part I of the Mindset Series

The results that we generate are based on the disposition that we bring to any particular endeavor and our self-talk impacts that kind of mindset. 

By Paul de la Garza

Today we are going in depth into self-talk. Mindset is everything. The results that we generate are based on the disposition that we bring to any particular endeavor and our self-talk impacts that kind of mindset. 

Our self-talk is likely to be a product of our environment, of the way that we were raised, the people with whom we lived, and the things we used to hear; both positive and negative. If you’re constantly receiving negative affirmations of your behavior, it’s clearly going to impact your self-esteem. Likewise, if you’re constantly being validated, promoted, and told that you can, that will also have a direct impact upon the way you live. The key thing here is to be aware of that. 

This week is the second part of a 5-part series in which coach Paul de la Garza will discuss the components of mindset.


Stay tuned for Weekly Success Tips in the upcoming weeks to continue to develop your mindset for the new year.

In this week’s Tip for Success, Paul de la Garza discusses self-talk which is the second part to the Mindset Series and shares a story which highlights one critical change you can make in order to shift into positive self-talk.

This Week’s Action Steps

Follow the action steps below each day this week to see a material and concrete shift in your self-talk and mindset:

✔ Make a list of the self-talk and negative affirmations that you are giving yourself. Think about it carefully. Next to each, write, “Does it have to be this way?” or “Is it true?” and answer that question. Then write the habit or positive self-talk that you’re going to replace the negative self-talk with.

✔ Practice a daily primer. The daily primer includes affirmations and gratitudes. Gratitude’s are powerful. When you face a challenge, remembering what you are grateful for is going to put that challenge in perspective. Affirmations are like moral and spiritual vitamins. Practice the affirmations “I lead a purposeful life in pursuit of the highest good for myself and those who surround me” and “I live an abundant life spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and financially”.

✔ Write down and answer the question, “How do I love more?” every day this week. This question is powerful because it helps you become present and aware of your behavior moment by moment. Ask yourself how you can listen better, become more compassionate, and validate the person next to you.

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Paul de la Garza is a seasoned professional mentor/coach and public speaker. He is the Principal at High Performance Solutions, a Colorado based company that promotes personal, executive and team coaching with an emphasis on leadership, sales, and high-performance training.

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