As we complete this series, I would like to tell you that success does not happen overnight. Success has it’s foundation and a number of challenges, failures, deviations, interruptions, and we always must come back to our mindset. When you feel off-track, come back to your self-talk, your self-esteem, and once you feel confident in these two areas, take them out for a test drive with your actions.

Action is the journey. It is only through the journey of which we can begin to truly discover that which we are capable of and begin to cultivate our desired results.

In this week’s Tip for Success, Paul de la Garza discusses results which is the final part of the Mindset Series and shares a story which highlights the results that one can expect from this powerful cycle.

This week is the final part of The Mindset Series in which coach Paul de la Garza discusses the components of mindset. We sincerely hope that this series has helped you develop your mindset for the new year and stay tuned for more Success Tips in the upcoming weeks.

This Week’s Action Steps

Come back to these action steps anytime that you feel off-track and want to enhance your mindset:

Make a list of the self-talk and negative affirmations that you are giving yourself. Think about it carefully. Next to each, write, “Does it have to be this way?” or “Is it true?” and answer that question. Then write the habit or positive self-talk that you’re going to replace the negative self-talk with.

 Practice writing your gratitude’s each day. The daily primer includes affirmations and gratitude’s. Gratitude’s are powerful. When you face a challenge, remembering what you are grateful for is going to put that challenge in perspective.

Write down and answer the question, “How do I love more?” every day this week. This question is powerful because it helps you become present and aware of your behavior moment by moment. Ask yourself how you can listen better, become more compassionate, and validate the person next to you.

Choose to eliminate the drama within your life. Drama is typically a product of ego where you choose to be offended and invest energy in things where you shouldn’t. Be cognizant of the here and now. Choose not to take things personally, not to be offended, and not to be hurt. This will serve to strengthen your character and self-esteem.

Examine some of the most painful situations from your childhood. This is the age in which we start formulating a sense of self. If you remember a certain situation where you feel there was a painful exchange, go back and choose to release. Forgive the people that you felt were creating a negative sense of self. Forgive them and forgive yourself.

 Continue to practice your affirmations on a daily basis. Engage in the reaffirmation of your talents and the things you want to achieve. Your affirmations must be based on an authentic recognition of your belief in yourself.

Take the first step. It is time to act. Focus on starting. If you look at the entire landscape, you may not start at all. Focus on taking the very first step.

Stay with it. Never never never never quit. Once you act, province will move with you. You will be submitted to distractions and tempted to take the paths of least resistance. Keep reminding yourself of the big picture of what it’s going to be like once you get there.

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