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Every individual is living their own story, full of complexities, difficulties, and triumphs. What we see, even in our closest friends, is never the entire story. This is particularly true in our current times where our lives are openly portrayed over the internet. As you scroll through social media you may notice one of your friends posting pictures from their luxurious vacation, cute things their children or spouse has done for them, or successes they are achieving at work.  At first glance, it is easy to accept this as a fact of life… but you wonder “ how can they go on an expensive vacation?, How lucky that they can do those things, and perhaps you are struck with the wish of leading the same life with the apparent ease and access to success.

Yet, It is important to remember that what you see is not the whole story, that everyone is exposed to deal with all of the demands challenges and opportunities of which the human experience is made.  That you may be missing the jellyfish stings, the arguments, and the struggle they encountered to fulfill their “apparent” success, in other words, that there is another side to their story.

It is important to be self-reflective and understand that your life is as fulfilled as you make it be. That there is no reason to compete with anyone else.  The only person you should compete and compare yourself to, is in fact, yourself. But perhaps the most important thing to remember is to realize that we are the authors of our life.  That if you were to treat life as a book and each page a day, what you write each day is your own creation and ownership.  And as you are “writing” each day/page what would you would want people especially your dear ones to read.

You are worthy and deserving of love and the things you desire.

“The significance – and ultimately the quality – of the work we do is determined by our understanding of the story in which we are taking part.” -Wendell Berry

Jordin Frey

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