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Personal Leadership One of the most important things we can do is to know less and learn more. When you bring that to a debate, you will begin to develop trust. By Paul de la Garza While personal leadership may seem like an abstract and somewhat broad concept, it can be grounded into some very

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Passion- The 5 Attributes of Excellence

The last part of HPBS’s The 5 Attributes of Excellence is Passion. Passion can move us to perform at a higher level in our lives. Think about the bigger picture and how you are part of making a certain vision into reality. Be passionate about providing great service and knowing that you are helping someone

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Cleanliness and Order- The 5 Attributes of Excellence

In Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, absolute cleanliness is considered a virtue. Clutter or dirt causes problems such as loss of time, delays in meeting the goals or even risks of accidents at work. A clean workspace helps you focus and be more productive. Make it a habit to maintain a clean and organized work area

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Improve Your Skills- The 5 Attributes of Excellence

“If it’s not broken, improve it!” – Japenese saying What have you done to improve your skills lately? Improving your skills improves your career prospects. These are a few benefits of increasing your skills: -Increase your income per hour -Improved marketability and competitiveness -Gain new work -Remain relevant -Boost your resume -Increase your confidence Remember

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Take Your Work Seriously- The 5 Attributes of Excellence

“When we commit to discipline, we escape the claws of homeostasis.” Paul de la Garza You have to commit to consistently perform at your highest level, and then the money will follow. In order to do this, a Vision is important to be able to see the end results that all of your collective efforts

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The 5 Attributes of Excellence- Introduction

SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS! Dive into our new Coaching Minute series: The 5 Attributes of Excellence. Based on the Netflix Documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, we explore how a humble man has created extraordinary success based on a simple but powerful belief system based on the following principles: -Take your work seriously -Aspire to improve

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The Importance Of Embracing Fluidity

The Importance of Embracing Fluidity The journey is the destination. Adjusting leads to discovery and discovery leads to self-awareness and fulfillment of a rich life. By Paul de la Garza Fluidity can become the device through which we enhance our lives and perhaps promote a sense of happiness based on focusing on the journey and

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